STRAIGHTLINES Treatment For All Hair Types

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The STRAIGHTLINES One Step Permanent Straightening ORIGINAL formula contains amino acids, vitamin B, vegan keratin and other beneficial substances that penetrate the cortical layer of the hair and interact at the cellular level under the action of temperature. Due to the plant-based composition, the hair looks healthy, manageable, perfectly straight, and shiny. 

FOR: Most types of hair, Virgin, Natural, Thick, Wavy, Curly and Coily (including Afro-hair texture), Healthy, Low porosity, and Medium porosity 


Plant Based - harnessing the power of botanical ingredients to nourish and strengthen hair

Enriched with amino acids - promotes healthy hair growth, repairs damage, and enhances shine

Formaldehyde-free formulation - ensures gentle treatment while avoiding potential irritants and toxins

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Straightening Services that feature Keratin Straightening or 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology? 

Both Keratin straightening and 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasy Technology straightening aim to straighten the hair, they differ in the techniques and ingredients used. Keratin treatments rely on replenishing keratin and sealing the hair with heat, while the 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology features the latest in technology to realign the hair's structure for a straighter appearance.

Is the STRAIGHTLINES One Step Permanent Straightening Treatment really a permanent straightener 

Yes, the One-Step Permanent Straightening Treatment is a permanent straightening system which lasts, depending on hair growth for 6-12 months.

Does the STRAIGHTLINES One Step Permanent Straightening Treatment have harsh chemicals? 

No, the STRAIGHTLINES system is formaldehyde free

What unique ingredients are used in the STRAIGHTLINES Straightening system? 

The 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology formula incorporates amino acids, proteins, and other health-enhancing components improving texture, reducing frizz, and enhancing manageability from within.

Straightening with 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology: 

  • Utilizes Nanotechnology to straighten the hair. These treatments involve applying a solution to the hair that features Nanoplasty technology, which contains tiny nanoparticles that penetrate the hair shaft. 
  • The nanoparticles in the solution help to realign the hair's structure, reducing frizz and curl and resulting in smoother, straighter hair. 
  • 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology treatments are gentler on the hair compared to traditional keratin treatments, as they do not involve the same level of heat or utilize harsh chemicals. 
  • 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology is a formaldehyde free formula 
  • Straightening treatments utilizing 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology offer additional benefits such as improved hair strength and hydration due to the inclusion of nourishing ingredients in the treatment formula. 
  • STRAIGHTLINES One-Step Permanent Straightening with 4Bond Advanced Nanoplasty Technology last 6-12 months depending on hair growth.