COS, The Original Color Out System Pre Pak


COS is a technology that is the safest and most effective way to remove color from hair that is undesirable. In just 20 minutes, The Color Out System corrects and removes the color by shrinking the dye molecules, allowing it to be simply washed out of the hair. Levels are of no concern as COS's unique bleach and ammonia free formula removes all artificial pigments from the hair keeping the hair in great shape. Dennis Bernard's hair dye remover is so gentle that the hair can be recolored right after the COS service.

Removes color in just 20 minutes.

Color Correction is Hard...But it Doesn't Have to Be.
Read Al Segro's Color Correction Tips.

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Removes Any Color - Gently removes oxidative permanent, semi & demi permanent hair color safely.

Takes Only 20 minutes - Following directions on the box, simply applying and rinsing after the COS process only takes 20 minutes.

Recolor The Same Day - With our Ammonia & bleach free COS formula, the hair will be safe enough to where you may recolor the same day.


Mix COS in an applicator bottle or bowl. Equal amounts of part 1 and part 2 must be mixed together for 30 seconds. Secure a cap on both. Apply to dry hair that need hair color removal or correction. Place cap on hair, clip securely and process for 20 minutes. Rinse for 10 minutes with warm water. Shampoo a minimum of 3-4 times after rinsing. Check for color removal. To assue that COS has removed all the artifical pigment conduct a 10V Reduction Test. Once color is removed and final rinising is performed, apply conditioner and rinse out.

Additional Uses

Color Correction - Is used to correct or reverse an undesirable recent color application.

Dark: Off Tone - Is applied to the hair in areas that the previously applied color is too dark, or off tone.

Permanent: Semi Permanent Color - Used to remove color that has been previously mixed with developer.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the COS Color Out System and how does it work?

The COS Color Out System is a hair color removal product that works by breaking down hair color molecules and lifting them out of the hair shaft. It is designed to help remove unwanted hair color and return hair to its natural color or prepare it for a new color application.

How long do I have to wait to recolor my hair after using COS?

You may recolor your hair the same day after using COS. You're able to do this because the color molecules in the hair shirnks down to a point where it gets washed out easily, thus leaving your hair at a gentle, natural state and ready to be colored again.

Will COS leave an ammonia or bleach smell?

No, COS is made with an ammonia and bleach free formula. It is a scentless additive.

How long will the COS process take?

COS will correct and gently remove color in only 20 minutes.

How can the COS Color Out System benefit my clients?

The COS Color Out System can benefit your clients by providing a more even and natural-looking hair color, reducing the risk of damage caused by over-processing, and allowing for more color options by removing previous color buildup.

How do I use the COS Color Out System on my clients' hair?

Before applying the product, it is important to perform a strand test to determine if the hair is strong enough to withstand the process. Then, mix the COS Color Out System according to the instructions and apply it to the hair, working from the roots to the ends. Leave the product on for the recommended time and then rinse it out thoroughly.

Is the COS Color Out System suitable for all hair types and colors?

The COS Color Out System is suitable for most hair types and colors, but it may not work on extremely dark or heavily pigmented hair. It is important to perform a strand test to determine the effectiveness of the product on your client's hair.

Can the COS Color Out System be used on hair that has been previously colored with henna or metallic dyes?

No, the COS Color Out System is not recommended for use on hair that has been colored with henna or metallic dyes. These types of dyes can have unpredictable reactions with the product, and may result in hair damage or discoloration.

How can I minimize the risk of hair damage when using the COS Color Out System?

To minimize the risk of hair damage, it is important to follow the product instructions carefully, perform a strand test before applying the product, and avoid over-processing the hair. Additionally, it is recommended to use a deep conditioning treatment after using the product to help restore moisture to the hair.

How long does the COS Color Out System process take, and when can I apply a new hair color after using it?

The processing time for the COS Color Out System can vary based on the hair type and color being removed, but it typically ranges from 20 to 60 minutes. It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before applying a new hair color to allow the hair to rest and recover from the color removal process.

I used COS, Color Out System a couple of times and the color has not budged. What should I do next?

Unfortunately, color may not budge due to color on top of color or especially if client used boxed color/metallic dye which is very difficult to get out of hair. We recommend using a color bath or soap cap (mixture of peroxide and shampoo) at the shampoo bowl to lighten the hair. Another suggestion is a lightener/bleach – not as gentle as COS but it will lighten the hair! Be sure to use the 4Bond Molecular Bonding Complex in the formula to increase tensile strength and prevent damage in the hair.

Can you use all the Powertools additives at one time?

Yes, you can intermix all Powertools products except CBC and GOD drops. Since GOD drops have a brown base and CBC have a blue base, they will counteract.

When using COS, do you end up with underlying warmth or is it more of a natural color?

It all depends on the underlying base and the color being removed. There is a possibility it can end up with an orangey tone and if so, you may want to reapply as the color may not have completely rinsed out. Make sure it is being rinsed thoroughly (15 minutes) and that a clarifying shampoo is being used.

When using COS, does it also work on chemist colors?

No, COS is not designed to remove direct dyes that do not use a peroxide or developer. Direct dyes are straight pigment that is impossible to remove unless the hair is bleached, which makes it difficult. COS is formulated to remove oxidative color only.

Customer reviews
The finished result is actually lighter than it looks in the picture. My walls are BRIGHT yellow, so it looks more yellow. And I didn't tone it right after. That is a picture right after I finished 3 applications with Olaplex. It might have been a little drier, but my hair felt fine afterward. It didn't do ANYTHING to the natural color of my regrowth. That's one of the main reasons I chose this product. I did this do I could grow my silver white hair out.
— Meredith (Verified Customer)
I put a red tint in my hair, and I hated it. I tried a lot of other ways to get the red out, but nothing worked. I finally tried COS and it took the red right out. I recommend it.
— Jocelyn H. (Verified Customer)
Lifts stubborn color and doesn’t affect natural hair! No damage!
— Brenda R. (Verified Customer)
My favorite color remover of all time. Doesn't damage the hair in the process and works amazing.
— Amber M. (Verified Buyer)