Color Correction is difficult
but it doesn’t have to be!

Safely and effectively remove unwanted color by following Al Segro’s easy steps.

  1. Strand Test. Strand Test. Strand Test.  Know exactly what your results will be.  It’s best to ‘under promise and over deliver’.
  2. Do not Deviate from the Manufacturer’s Directions. Choose the best product on the market and follow the manufacturer’s directions; do not deviate.  I use POWERTOOLS Color Out System simply because it’s gentle, bleach and ammonia free, takes only 20 minutes, and I can recolor in the same day.
  3. Perform the 10 Volume Reduction Test. The hair has to be acidified because it is in an alkalize state. This step will assure that you have removed all of the artificial pigment. If there is residual color left in the hair, it will re-oxidize and the treated hair will come out darker. Another reason why I like The Color Out System is because it is gentle enough to reapply if needed.
  4. When Recoloring, Perform a Strand Test. If you are going to recolor or tone, strand test, strand test, strand test.  One trick that I use is adding TCA, The Color Accelerator, into the color so I can see the results in 10 minutes instead of waiting 45 minutes. I may do a couple of strand tests adding varying amounts of CBC, Color Balance Corrector, to the formula to see which one works out better. It is always a good idea to pepper in CBC. You can dial in the exact coolness amount you want just by adding a few drops to your target or corrective formulation.
  5. Knock out Residual Peroxide.  Neutralize any residual peroxide left in the hair to prevent the formation of cysteic acid, color change and fadeout. I use PCS, Protector Conditioner Styling Aid after every color service.