Building customer loyalty starts with first impressions. Since customer service and communication are the cornerstones of success, it is important that you put your best foot forward during the meet and greet.  Be friendly, polite and genuinely interested in developing a long-term relationship and you will earn your client’s (let’s call her Lauren) trust.


Smiling is linked with a person’s perception of your trustworthiness. Source  It is your best asset and Lauren will feel welcomed and in professional confident hands.

The Tour

Take Lauren on a quick tour of your salon (Don’t forget the bathroom!).  Introduce her to people that will interact with her as well as your nail, skin & make-up professionals.

Client Intake Form

Ask Lauren to come in 10 minutes earlier to complete a Client Intake Form (Sample).  This should include Lauren’s contact information, allergies, skin or scalp disorders and medications that may affect your services.  Your intake form should also ask questions regarding her styling tools & products as well as her hair challenges.

Reception Books

Have reception books available in your waiting area with a variety of hairstyles, lengths & hair colors.  Encourage Lauren to select styles that complement her lifestyle.

Conducting the Consultation

Offer Lauren a refreshment then sit down with her and begin reviewing the Client Intake Form. This will ‘break the ice’ and you’ll begin to understand her needs and expectations.

Here are some additional questions you’ll want to ask:

  • What made you choose this salon? This question will begin a dialogue about her past hair salon experiences and give you additional insight about her expectations.
  • What do you like and dislike about your hair & hairstyle? Take this opportunity to analyze Lauren’s hair type, texture, condition and natural flow.
  • How does the weather affect your hair? Now you know what products to use & recommend she purchase as you style her hair.
  • What is your morning routine? Does your style last throughout the day? Again, think retail product sales.
  • Have you colored or highlighted your hair in the past? Or, how do you feel about your natural color?  Upsell your services (suggesting highlights, color, bayalage).
  • Did you bring in a picture or see a hairstyle in the reception books that you’d like to try? What do you like about this hairstyle? Many times the picture is unrealistic.  This is when you can discuss Lauren’s face shape, skin color and hair texture.  Don’t be afraid to tell her what she can & can’t have based upon her hair type, maintenance routines and lifestyle.

Set Your Station Up for Retail Sales

Now you know what Lauren wants and needs.  While she is changing into a gown, gather all of the products that you are going to use.  Tailor your conversation around the products which will resolve some of her hair challenges.

Educate Your Client

It is important to discuss what you are doing as you color and/or cut Lauren’s hair. Explain to her how the style/color is complementing her face. Show Lauren the products you are using, how to use them properly and why they are essential in maintaining her hair color & style. She will appreciate the education and you will increase your earning potential.

Profitable Tip:  For clients with color service, create a customized at-home shampoo by adding CBC, Color Balance Corrector, to your retail shampoo.  It will eliminate warm & brassy tones between her visits.  She will love her hair & you will gain a loyal retail customer!